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Project planning

We at MAB Building Limited understand that a good construction plan is a key component for building the right proposal and the schedule for works. We focus and outline the steps and materials required to establish a proposal which best suits our client’s requirements and budget.


By outlining the required activities, the implications and costs of these activities and by providing our clients with options among the various alternative means to achieve their desired outcome, we ensure that the work carried out is completed successfully and to expectation.


Determining and agreeing the right approach for the job, with our client, is an important factor to our success stories. However reviewing and establishing the construction methods, materials, tools, safety and equipment the job will require is where our experience and knowledge comes into play. Our knowledge includes, but is not limited to: 


  • Construction layout, including benchmarks, elevations and setbacks.


  • Soil conditions including types and characteristics of soils such as compaction, density, proctor and moisture content.


  • Concrete including shoring, formwork, terminology and techniques. Systems and methods for concrete such as footings, piles and pile caps, placing slabs and decks, columns and walls. We also have experience with proper forming practices, bracing and erection including concrete reinforcement.


  • Masonry including erection and bracing of masonry materials.


  • Earth-work including excavations, cut and fill calculations, calculating excavations and grades,  trenching. We also have experience with preparation of site for foundation including angle of repose, soil compaction, sheeting, shoring for excavations and dewatering of erosion. 


  • Wood framing including truss erection and bracing, rafters, floor joists, studs, wind loads and fasteners as well as roofing and materials.


  • Steak framing including erection and bracing techniques, metal studs, beams columns, bar joists, painting, fire protection of steel framing and welding/connections of steel framing.


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